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⛓️Protocol Engineer at TITLES

Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Protocol Engineer at TITLES


TITLES is looking for a Senior Protocol Engineer to join our team. You’ll be responsible for architecting, implementing, and iterating our publishing protocol, smart contract systems, and reference graph across TITLES products. This role requires a deep understanding of Ethereum and EVM architecture, intimate knowledge of Solidity and related tooling, and experience building and deploying secure decentralized applications. You are a driven developer who enjoys critically thinking about the best ways to build new products, takes full ownership of that process, and lives and breathes Ethereum.


Architect and implement new Ethereum-based protocols to enable and innovate onchain publishing and attribution.
Engage with industry peers to align on open standards and protocols.
Engage in public feedback to drive iteration and optimization of current implementations.
Contribute across product strategy, feedback sessions, and brainstorming.
Produce and maintain documentation for our protocols and infrastructure.
Stay up-to-date on the latest emerging technologies across the EVM ecosystem.


We’re looking for the most talented Solidity engineers in the world. More specifically, we’re looking for:
Deep understanding of blockchain consensus algorithms and security systems.
Experience building and shipping full-fledged products from start to finish.
Familiarity with smart contract deployment tooling such as Foundry or Hardhat.
Experience in successfully undergoing smart contract security audits.
Experience with distributed systems & infrastructure such as AWS.
Desire to stay up-to-date and ahead of the curve on the latest developments in Ethereum and Solidity.
Ability to develop unique perspectives on the future of TITLES products and roadmap based on product feedback and usage.
Ability to learn quickly and work in areas beyond your core competencies.
Attention to detail, including an appreciation for good documentation, clean code, performance, reliability, and security.


Along with equity, we provide quality medical, dental, and vision insurance along with flexible time off and the equipment you need to be successful.
HOW DO I GET IN TOUCH? If interested in joining the team please email [email protected] with your resume and any relevant materials and we'll be in touch! For other purposes, please reach out to @sorenwrenn on Twitter.