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Warehouse Associate- TEMP



Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Posted on Thursday, April 25, 2024

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About This Position

As a Warehouse Associate, your responsibilities include receiving and processing incoming stock and materials, managing inventory, fulfilling orders, and maintaining accurate inventory records. You'll assess devices for redeployment or repair, clean them, and prepare them for reuse to achieve an 'out of the box condition. Furthermore, you'll optimize warehouse space by constructing shelves and racks. This role requires strong organizational skills, experience in a fastpaced warehouse environment, attention to detail, and a thorough understanding of shipping, receiving, and inventory management.

Your Responsibilities

  • Collecting delivered merchandise and securely storing it in appropriate bins, ensuring it remains in good condition.

  • Documenting received merchandise for delivery or return, maintaining accurate records for proper accountability.

  • Tracking all merchandise entering or leaving the warehouse to maintain accurate inventory levels.

  • Reporting any missing, lost, or damaged materials to the supervisor promptly to prevent loss and ensure smooth warehouse operations.

  • Safely packing merchandise, labeling it correctly, and preparing it for shipping to prevent damage during transit.

  • Handling all merchandise with utmost care to prevent damage.

  • Scanning labels to ensure products are shipped to the correct destination, preventing misshipments.

  • Creating and printing shipping labels.

  • Constructing shelves and racks as needed to accommodate incoming inventory and optimize warehouse space.

  • Performing cycle counts to verify the accuracy of the inventory records.

  • Cleaning and preparing devices for redeployment, aiming for an 'out of the box' condition.

  • Assessing devices for redeployment or repair, making decisions based on their condition.

  • Fulfilling client needs for value-added services based on their unique requirements.


  • Know how to handle incoming stock and materials.

  • Understand how to manage inventory and fill orders from stock.

  • Good at organizing and can work fast in a warehouse.

  • Pay close attention to detail and understand shipping, receiving, and inventory

  • management.

  • Can safely pack and label goods for shipping.

  • Can scan labels and make and print shipping labels.

  • Can build shelves and racks for incoming inventory.

  • Have done cycle counts to check inventory records.

  • Can clean and prepare devices for reuse.

  • Can check devices to see if they can be reused or need to be repaired.

  • High School diploma or GED

  • Experience in data entry or other similar roles

  • Experience in Google Suite

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