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💼Product Internship @ Daze



Posted on Monday, June 19, 2023

Product Internship @ Daze

Part-time | Remote and in-person
Questions? Email [email protected] | Learn more about Daze here

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Applications for the Spring Product Internship will close on Wednesday, March 8 2023

Product Internship @ Daze

(~3 hours / week)
As a Product Intern at Daze, you will have the opportunity to actively shape the product and support our growing Daze community during a crucial period of hyper growth and development. You will be an integral member of our team, working alongside collaborative, empathetic, and highly dynamic individuals who are passionate about building a world with more creativity, intimacy, and reflection.
This spring, you will work approximately 3 hours per week to drive awareness and trial of Daze at your school, gathering valuable user feedback and making recommendations for product changes. Your unique perspective and input will be instrumental in helping Daze achieve product-market fit and succeed on your campus and beyond.
Learn more about Daze here.

What we’re looking for…

Our ideal Product Intern is incredibly passionate about bringing people together for in-person events, and is energized by the opportunity to work on a product with the same goal. You have a strong presence on campus and a proven track record of building & leading communities, whether it be with a group of friends, a student organization, or a social movement.
You have a deep understanding of how to create a common culture, provide opportunities for engagement, and promote relationships among community members. Above all, you are thrilled by the possibility of shaping a product that has the potential to change the way people spend time together.


Timeline: March 20th through end of the Spring Semester, 2023.
Half-hour meeting with the Growth Team (or the full Daze team) every week to plan the launch of Daze at your campus this spring, as well as ideate on the 30-event sprint.
Half-hour bi-monthly meeting to share personal and community feedback on Daze’s features and design.
Help lead the Daze community: collect feedback, send bi-monthly emails with progress updates, and organize community calls.
Engage your community by organizing at least three events over the course of the internship, and use Daze as the default for your personal social events.
Ideate and create new methods of outreach (bring users into the existing funnel through creative channels).
Other responsibilities will vary by Product Intern.

Apply if you have…

Proactive communication and ability to complete tasks ad-hoc as an independent agent.
Deep involvement in your community, through friends and/or student organizations.
Extraordinary understanding of campus culture.
Good at listening to others in gathering feedback and learning about/influencing Daze’s roadmap.

Even more so if you have…

Previous experience with leadership positions on or off campus, in student organizations or clubs.
Fascinated by and knowledgeable about the mechanics by which apps spread in communities of students.
Have built and led communities. Understand how to build common culture, create frequent opportunities for engagement, and promote relationships among community members.
Previous experience working at an early-stage startup within growth programs.


Flexible work from home policy and flexible hours depending on student schedule, with most work async and focus on intern output
Unique ownership and ability to shape a new social consumer application
Part of an early-stage, core team with brilliant and renowned investors and network
Direct liaison with our founders and founding team members
Key experience with incredible agency to help further personal career goals and growth
Opportunities in Summer 2023 and beyond based on performance

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